# Release notes

# Update check got updated (??)

The strimertül project is moving off of GitHub, so I need a small release to update the update checker since all releases are now gonna live on the website, sorry for the inconvenience!

# Change in build targets

Due to a change in the build process I cannot provide macOS builds anymore. If you want to use strimertul and use a mac, reach out and we’ll figure something out!

If you for some reason want to try strimertul on a Raspberry Pi, Linux ARM64 builds are now getting built from now on!

# Changelog

# Changed

  • Updated Kilovolt with a new websocket library
  • Releases have been moved so the update checker now uses a new endpoint

# Fixed

  • strimertul now builds on linux/arm64

# Downloads

Windows 64bitstrimertul.exe
Linux amd64strimertul-amd64
Linux arm64strimertul-arm64