# Release notes

First alternative driver release! Pebble is a LevelDB-style KV store from Cockroach Labs. It’s much more simple than BadgerDB, so you’re trading performance (that small streamers probably don’t need) for a more robust and compact database.

This release also fixes a very problematic bug that makes strimertul irresponsive after a while if streaming to Twitch (only v2.0.0 is affected). If you are using v2.0.0, I suggest you upgrade as soon as possible!

# Migrating driver

If you are currently running strimertul with BadgerDB (which is still the default, for compatibility reasons) you can export your database as a JSON file using the -export CLI argument, like this:

strimertul -export dump.json

You can then delete/move the database directory (by default, ./data) and re-run strimertul with the following command:

strimertul -import dump.json -driver pebble

You won’t have to specify -driver pebble after the first run as strimertul will auto-detect what database is in use when launched.

# Changelog

# Added

  • Pebble driver: You can now use Pebble as a database. Just use -driver=pebble
  • Auto driver detection: The -driver option now defaults to auto, which will try to identify which database is in use. This means the -driver argument is realistically only needed when you first start strimertul. auto defaults to BadgerDB if no database is found (to preserve compatibility)

# Fixed

  • Fixed nasty sync bug that would make strimertul unresponsive when it would detect streaming on Twitch.

# Downloads

This release was originally published on GitHub and converted, you can find the original release here: v2.1.0 on GitHub