The streaming companion for power users

strimertül is a free and open source tool to add to your Twitch streams for creating powerful overlays and power-up the viewer interaction!

Latest stable release: v3.3.1 ()

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One API for everything

Build overlays and tooling with easy access to Twitch alerts, chat messages and more through a single websocket interface. The API strives for simplicity with a documented protocol, but there are also officially supported bindings for popular languages such as Typescript, Go and Python.

No Twitch Affiliate?

The built-in loyalty system lets regular viewers accrue points, claim rewards and contribute towards community goals.

Keep total control of your tech

Strimertül runs completely in your computer and has no remote components.

Free and won't turn evil

strimertül is free and open source under the AGPLv3, a strong copyleft license, meaning we couldn't close it down even if we wanted!